​​God wrote two books:
He wrote the Bible, and
He spoke the universe into existence.  Both books describe God.

Web Site Purpose

To be a resource for explaining scriptures in a scientific age.  These resources include a blog users can comment on, books, and downloadable Power Point slides on most of the books in the Bible.

Many of our youth and our intellectual thought leaders are abandoning belief in God as unnecessary in the modern age.  This is resulting in the rise of hate in our culture, and the tearning down of many modern institutions.  Scripture as written is a wonderful resource for all ages, but each generation needs to understand and explain scripture in ways that are culturally appropriate.

This web site is still under construction as this author is still learning how to use web-based tools such as how to make this web site.  This author has yet to learn how to add in downloadable Power Points, but hopefully this will happen soon.